Welcome to the Goŋ-Ḏäl Aboriginal Corporation website.

Established in 2014 by Yolŋu leaders, the Goŋ-Ḏäl Aboriginal Corporation is a social enterprise based in Gapuwiyak, a remote town in East Arnhem Land in the top end of the Northern Territory.

Our corporation takes its name from a warrior and Ḏalkarra (Ceremonial Leader and a Law Man of the highest authority for Yirritja Clans) who was also a founding leader of Gapuwiyak. He was given the familiar name of Goŋ-Ḏäl by his brothers because he displayed these qualities in his role as a Ḏalkarra, warrior and in everything that he did.

‘Goŋ’ means hand and ‘ḏäl’ means strong, firm, and steady.

Throughout his life, Goŋ-Ḏäl worked tirelessly to unify Yolŋu clans. The roots of our corporation come from the work, skills and leadership of Goŋ-Ḏäl and the other men and women who were the founders of Gapuwiyak; and it’s inspiration from their vision for self-determination and strong, unified Yolŋu communities.

In the same spirit, Goŋ-Ḏäl Aboriginal Corporation seeks a future for Gapuwiyak and surrounding homelands, based on strong partnerships between Yolŋu and Balanda that value, respect and strengthen Yolŋu culture, while creating opportunities to participate fully in the economic and social life of Arnhemland, the NT and Australia.

Key to our vision is the development of locally-owned and run businesses in Gapuwiyak and Homelands. Recently, Goŋ-Ḏäl Aboriginal Corporation has started a business – Gumurr’manydjiwurr Accommodation and Business Village (GAB Village) – that will satisfy an existing, critical need for accommodation and office space for incoming services and programs, in Gapuwiyak, a remote Yolŋu town in East Arnhemland.

We have extremely strong capital and competent practice in the Yolŋu world and economy, and have been working hard through our advisory group and growing network of supporters to develop equally our capital and competency to operate successfully and independently in relevant markets of the wider Australian economy.

Furthermore, we believe that by bringing together physical, economic and networking assets in one place GAB Village will become an innovation ‘hub’ and business incubator that will encourage and support Yolŋu entrepreneurship in Gapuwiyak and related homelands.